Flavor of the Month Club


Get a different flavor every month with Panavapes flavor of the month club, if you buy you will get 10 ml of the monthly flavor shipped within 3 business days to your door or nearest courier office to try out what may be a new mainstay on the panavapes lineup


Do you think variety is the spice of life? Do you want to try out a few flavors before committing to a favorite? join panavapes flavor of the month club to get a fresh flavor every 30 days. For 7.50 per month you will recieve a unique 10 ml sample of a different e-liquid. This will change on the first of every single month so get in on the action while you can.

All of our e-liquids are made in the USA . If you like one of the flavors offered in flavor of the month, go ahead and request it in the contact form or pre-order a larger quantity! Panavapes.com is your number 1 source for vape supplies, e-cigs and parts/components in latin america, so go ahead and switch to an e-cig today.


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