E-Liquids (Custom Order)

E-Liquids (Custom Order)

Panavapes.com offers hundreds of e-liquids available for pre order

E-Liquid is nicotine infused flavored liquid that is consumed via a vaporizer or E-Cig.  Products in this category are for sale via pre-order. Since we have such a wide variety of e-liquid, we cannot stock all of our selection at once, but we can make a pre-order for you with our supplier.

To make a pre-order in this category, just follow the order procedure that you would expect from an e-commerce site, but bear in mind *SHIPPING TIMES OF PRODUCTS ORDERED IN THIS CATEGORY VARY GREATLY*.

We try to make an order from our e-liquid supplier at the end of every month, because of our geographic location however, it is not uncommon for an order to take 2-3 weeks to reach us. So if you are ordering a pre-ordered e-liquid, please bear in mind that it could take up to a month or more to reach you.

Additionally all Pre-order E-Liquids start at 50 ml sizes to comply with our manufacturers minimum requirements.

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