This FAQ page will help you understand the idea of panavapes.com as well as informing you on how to use the store and website in general. The fine points are all covered by this FAQ page. However if you are still curious about any elements of our website or the business in general, feel free to contact us in the tab above  and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!


FAQ: Our Company

FAQ logoQ: What is Panavapes.com?
A: Panavapes.com is a unique buyers club offering a wide selection of vaporizers and E Liquids worldwide. We transfer our wholesale savings onto you by offering affordable products that are shipped worldwide. This includes areas to which shipping and payment are difficult outside of the USA.   We offer worldwide shipping and if your zone is not in our list, please contact us.


Q: When will you have new vapes in stock?

A: Due to our importation club business model, we need to be secure in the sale of our in stock products before buying more in this category. We are constantly working on expanding our inventory to best suit all vaper’s needs and pocketbooks


FAQ: Our E Liquids

FAQ E LiquidQ: Do you manufacture your own E Liquid?

A: No, with the exception of our EXCLUSIVE Armour Alchemy Brand Eliquids we source all of our E liquids from medium to large scale manufacturers. The companies we work with manufactures to the highest health and safety standards available.


Q: What strength and intensity is your E Liquid?

A: Our E Liquid is all between 6 and 12mg depending on which flavor best suits which strength.  If you want a different strength, please let us know with your custom order and we will make it happen as soon as we can!




FAQ: Our E-Cigs

FAQ Vape

Q: What kind of E Cigs do you sell?

A: At Panavapes.com we currently have an agreement with Kangertech to have access to all of their products at attainable prices, we plan on exclusively offering Kangertech E-Cigs for the time being. That being said, if demand is high enough, we are in contact with other manufacturers for future offerings.


Q: Where are the mechanical mods, tanks and rebuildables.

A: At Panavapes.com, our main client base comprises of beginner vape users. This means that to avoid confusion we would prefer to offer simple starter kits easier to use vapes, and parts to maintain them. This doesn’t mean that our quality is anything short of the top echelon though and if you would like any specific mods or parts, just let us know.